A downloadable game for Windows

First of all: yes, bunnies climb ladders

A short fable/strategy game I created in 2009 with the help of Mitchell Hillman  for mini Ludum Dare #14.

The game is short (five levels), and shouldn’t take long to play through. If you find a level too frustrating or difficult, you can use the "N" key to skip to the next one. 

You can find discussion related to the game and a link to an old, more challenging version with a time limit at the TIGSource Forums.

Source: Gmk File, Sprites, Music

Some kind words:

"Awesome effort."
-Alex Higgins, Zandair Studios
"Wonderful. At first I thought, this is like SimAnt. I changed my mind. I don’t remember ghettos and Gatling guns in SimAnt"
-Jed Davis, NG Comments


bunnies_vs_bunnies-windows.zip 8 MB


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omg omg omg

so cute