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Thank you for the game!

As a Ukrainian, I appreciate your support for Ukrainian children via charity. As for the game itself, I found it mechanically satisfying but shallow as an anti-war metaphor. It presents a cynical, misanthropic view on humanity, where war conflicts are seen as a natural extension of population growth and competition for resources. This is not the case in our modern reality when technologies already allow us to satisfy all of the basic needs of Earth's population and wars are primarily waged for profit and geopolitical benefits. 

It also doesn't help that mechanics of violence are forcibly imposed by the author as the only way of achieving the level's goal. That made the message extremely heavyhanded, as the author condemns the very behavior that they themselves incentivize. 

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Thanks for your thoughts Valeriy. I think you've got some valid points there.

Though I also think most games can be read in a variety of ways. The scarcity of the resources, for example, might be seen to be an Objective Truth, or it might be seen as a flawed perspective.

And while I do see the game as very heavy handed, I think it is reasonable to sometimes use heavy handed methods to critique heavy handed attrocities.

All of that being said, I also see the game as flawed in a variety of ways. But I hope it might still prompt some reflection--or at least add its voice to the outcry. Thanks for playing!


Thank you for the reply! I appreciate your perspective and agree that some messages should be handed in as clearly as possible. I just don't think that I can agree with the message, at least the kind of message I've got from it.

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So. Bunnies are cute, right? Well this game is also one of the best Indie war metaphors/fables I have encountered and absolutely hammers and sickles home the attrocities of war. At its core, its a short and simple game of survival, where you deny your opponents valuable resources, so your rabbit population grows, while theirs decline.

I suppose you already realize what this is about, but its also specifically republished as a game based on the current Ukraine conflict and I am honestly not sure how much I should spoil here as the transition in the game works as a wonderful and horrible metaphor for how a ever expanding greed for expansion leads down a dangerous path, until you find yourself setting up Gatling guns at the homes of the opposing rabbits, none of them surviving until adulthood under the constant fire and in the off chance of a single rabbit actually escaping the gatling fire, succumbing to famine and loneliness. Its simple, but works so, so well.

Highly recommended to play. Contender for the Games as Art debate list.

Thanks so much for your kind review, Toma!


Do you have any video footage of the game available?

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Sorry, not at the moment. 


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so cute