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Gametrekking Omnibus

In 2010 I set off to travel Asia on a shoestring budget with a plan to create small, experimental games about the things that impacted me along the way. This omnibus is a downloadable collection of games that came out of that journey.

Note: these games do not present an objective perspective on the countries they depict. Rather, they are subjective reflections on the experiences and histories that impacted a vagabond outsider traveling through these locations--a kind of travel writing made up of interactive sketches.

Gametrekking has been featured by WiredPC GamerEGMiLe Monde, and others. You can learn more at gametrekking.com.

Open Source: GitHub

Some kind words:

"An amazing accomplishment… Interactive art doesn’t have to be bad. You’ve proved it!"
-Jason Rohrer, creator of Passage and The Castle Doctrine
"This is, as far as I know, a unique project, and one that pushes the medium a little bit further into new ground by using the game (or notgame) as a means of representing social, political and cultural information in a unique form."
-Chris Bateman, author of Beyond Game Design and Imaginary Games
"What I have played can only be described as poetic."
-Raph Koster, author of A Theory of Fun for Game Design
"Very impressive."
-Patrick Klepek, senior reporter at Kotaku
"Something I’d like to say… Jordan, your ‘notgames’ have done something. They hack and slash at the curtains we put up to shield ourselves from the ugly truth. That in reality, evil is decided by the individual. Among other messages. This, and your other games have a simple brutality, depressing and dark. But it’s also deeply informative and touching. They’ve given true insight on the human range of emotions, I’d say. I know that these short notgames you create bring out the best in my character. Make me sad, make me happy and many times, severely upset. I know I’ve learned from you, as many others could say they have. So please, keep on trekking. I want to learn more."

On the flip side:

"Not really my type of game."


gametrekking_omnibus.exe 33 MB
gametrekking_omnibus.air 33 MB

Install instructions

The Mac build of this game (.air file) requires Adobe Air to run. If you do not have Adobe Air installed on your machine, you can download it from https://get.adobe.com/air/

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