A downloadable game for Windows

A short political game about terrorism and the war on terror. Originally made for the Kokoromi one-button challenge

I’m afraid it may be a bit heavy-handed, but then again, so is life.

Terrorist Killer was an official selection of the Extra Credits Innovation Awards 2011, in the category of Positive Impact.

Discussion at TIGForums.

Source: Gmk File

Some kind words:

"A very effective use of the medium… The brutal simplicity of it is precisely what makes it powerful."
-Jonas Kyratzes, creator of Phenomenon 32 and The Book of Living Magic

"A game that makes a point without forgetting that it has to be a game."
-PC Gamer

On the flip side:

"Meh. Tasteless game. So if you need to butcher countless innocents to stop the 'OMG TERRORISTS,' how exactly are you any better than them?"
-PC Gamer comments


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