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More poem than game, Walk or Die was a study in the most minimalistic interaction I could think of, and I like to think it was a walking simulator that was slightly ahead of the curve. :) Made in 2010 for the TIGSource "A Game By Its Cover" competition; you can see the cart that inspired it here.

In 2014 Walk or Die was exhibited in a Madrid art exhibition curated by Andrés Oliva and Daniel Alonso.

Discussion and reactions: Notgames ForumsFlashPunk Forums, or TIGForums.

Source: GitHub

Some kinds words:

-Michaël Samyn, co-creator of Sunset and The Path
"I played it for at least ten minutes, while walking on my treadmill :D… I really like it ."
-axchoNotgames Forums
"It made me think about a lot of things for the 20 minutes I held the spacebar down. Mostly about mortality and solitude."
-Albert L., NG Comments
"Thirty… minutes… addicted. Something about this was just so… tranquil."

On the flip side:

"This game is exactly what I expected it to be. Which is kind of disappointing, really."


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good game


Thank you. :)

:) thanks for created this game